Pollinator-assisted plant natural selection, phenotyping and breeding under climate change pressure

EIC PathFinder Open Project 101098680

DARkWIN’s concept integrates both the classical human eye selecting the healthiest genotypes under stressful environments (where darkener/greener plants are usually selected: DARk-plants win), and the darWINian pollinator bee vision where the most rewarding flowers from the healthiest plants will be naturally selected.

The role of the Lopsi group in the project is developing an RFID-based sensor for detecting the proximity of the bumblebees to selected plants, thus observing empirically their preference for certain flowers.

After validating the prototype RFID reader, we will build a network of readers to cover a medium-sized hothouse, registering and analyzing the paths followed by insects for extended periods of time, and under different climatic situations.

Dr. Antonio R. Jiménez demonstrates the prototype RFID reader during a project meeting in the CSIC headquarters (November 2023).

More information can be found in the Darkwin project page.

Last update: December 20th, 2023