Distributed multi-sensor systems for human safety and health (HORIZON-KDT-JU-2023-2-RIA)

Our everyday activities are assisted by many intelligent devices designed to make our lives easier and safer: smartphone applications, wrist-worn health sensors, robots which operate alongside factory workers in industrial plants and driving aids in our cars. As these devices proliferate and increase their autonomy, we have growing demands on them, such as continuous availability, seamless interplay and unobtrusiveness.

To ensure human safety, safeguard our health, and allow for natural interaction. these technological aids should be equipped with sensors that grasp human presence and processing intelligence which permits to infer, to a certain degree, our mental and physical state, activities and intentions.

DistriMuSe intends to support human health and safety by improved sensing of human presence, behaviour and vital signs in a collaborative or common environment by means of multi-sensor systems, distributed processing and machine learning.

The project will work in three domains to illustrate the potential of our approach to improve human health and safety:

  • Continuous hybrid health monitoring – aimed at early detection of adverse health developments in elderly people, nearclinical sleep monitoring at home to detect sleep-related health issues, and offering timely and personalised rehabilitation and coaching services
  • Situational awareness for VRU and driver safety – to increase traffic safety, especially that of Vulnerable Road Users, by monitoring their behaviour and intentions on the road, as well as assessing the drivers’ attention and capacity to drive at all times.
  • Safe interaction with robots – on factory floors shared by human workers and robots, we want to improve the capacity of the latter to monitor of the presence, and understand the intentions, of their human counterparts. The ultimate goal is gradually eliminating the safety fences that separate humans and robots in factories, allowing for a natural interaction between both.

Last update: December 27th, 2023